Social Protection Strategy Unit

A social Protection Strategy Unit (SPSU) for the preparation and implementation of a provincial social protection strategy has been established as an attached office to the Chief Minister’s Secretariat Sindh. The functions of the SPSU include the design of Social Protection programmes under an overarching Social Protection Strategy, and in line with the priority areas and goals set out by the Chief Minister and agreed by the Social Protection Board.


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Nisar Ahmed Memon

Project Director's Message

Sindh Government is committed to facilitate every individual in sindh province.
There is a range of instruments through which GoS provides support to different segments of the population. Which includes cash incentives for Mothers and their children, direct food support, support for agriculture workers, social insurance schemes and arrangements for one-off support to selected beneficiaries.

The proposed feasibility will test and refine, for scaling up, the establishment of a Social Registry at UC level and provincial levels.

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Our Mission

Support research activities, carry out studies, and prepare policies, plans and projects – as well as discourse with the citizenry and the intellectuals.
Provide technical support on policies and planning for urban development and more effective urbanization in Sindh.
Support economic regeneration, investment management, urban governance and municipal services by implementing development projects in the short, medium and long terms.
Establish urban resource centre and promote reforms for urban economic and social development provide support to cities/ local administration and management on urban issues including preparation of development / master plans, surveys, GIS mapping and studies Pilot innovation, and work for capacity building.

Action Points

  1. Establishment of a Social Registry at the provincial and UC level in up to 20 rural UCs and selected urban communities
  2. Pilot of Security Bhook Mitao programme
  3. Pilot of Maternal and Child Health 1,000 Days programme
  4. Pilot of Benazir Women Agricultural Workers Support Programme
  5. Design and pilot of other innovative interventions in food security, social protection for informal sector workers, as well as youth internships and early childhood development.